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AQUA Balloon

Aqua balloons are unique, round, clear balloons manufactured in Japan and now taking Europe by storm.


At Door2Door Decor Ltd, we have received extensive, in depth training using these items form Europe's leading Aqua Balloon pioneer.


The balloons have a gloss finish and are made from a resilient and expandable material, becoming almost perfectly spherical when inflated.


When inflated, Aqua balloons keep their transparency and are soft to the touch. Aqua balloons can be used in several different ways, such as double stuffing them with latex balloons, or putting objects inside of them, similar to a stuffing balloon.


Take a look at our latest stunning designs which are great as one off pieces, centrepieces or table decorations. Perfect for Weddings and Engagement Parties.

For pricing please feel free to get in touch as these designs are purely bespoke and material costs vary greatly.
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